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Wondershare PDF to EPUB 4.0

This tool can transform your static PDF files into flexible EPUB e-books
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Wondershare PDF to EPUB can transform your static PDF files into flexible EPUB e-books complete with searchable and reflowable text. Alternatively, if the source PDF file is made up of nothing but images (i.e. a PDF of a scanned document) or if you do not want to leave out anything from the original layout, it can also create EPUB files made up of images of the source pages.

Moving content from a PDF file to an EPUB electronic book is not always an easy task. While HTML- or XML-based e-book formats (such as EPUB or MOBI) give priority to the textual content of the book, PDF files give greater importance to its layout. Text itself is stored in the most arbitrary ways, which makes it very difficult for programs such as this one to produce high-quality EPUB files. However, when text has been correctly tagged in the source PDF, Wondershare PDF to EPUB is capable of producing nice and reflowable EPUB files. Its batch-conversion capabilities allow you to convert a large number of PDF documents in one simple operation.

The program’s interface is simple and attractive, offering but a reduced set of output settings for you to customize your EPUB files. These settings will allow you to ignore any hyperlinks and images present in the source file, as well as to add a cover to the resulting e-book. Other than that, the entire conversion process will require no further intervention on your side. The conversion pace is good enough, and the quality of the resulting EPUB files will largely depend on the quality of the source PDF documents.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and simple interface, suitable for all users
  • Batch-converts all your PDF files
  • Fast and efficient conversion process


  • Limited set of EPUB output settings
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